Metatradex Special Plan

Every month metatradex allocate valuable rewards to its active clients.

Lot amount from the beginning to the end of month

Reward amount


10 dollars


25 dollars


45 dollars


65 dollars


90 dollars


125 dollars



5 dollars for every lot


Important  points:

1-calculating the points will took place from the beginning to the end of the month and from the next month the points will count from zero.

2-the  above column means that for example if a trader made 26 lots in a month, will get 90 dollars reward.

3-traders who perform more than 30 lots a month, will get 5 dollar bonus for every lot.


Dear clients, for reaching to metatradex special rewards,  please perform the following steps:

1-register in metatradex site

2-open an account with one of the brokers introduced by metatradex

3- charge your account and begin trading


Register with One of our Brokers NOW ! 


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