About Us


About Metatradex

Metatradex international group is a leading incorporated financial brokerage company whichhas been established with the aim to provide a highly specialized services in accordance with the financial markets like Forex, stock and commodities .By gathering ateam from professional experts and having the agency of worlds valid brokers,  we provide the most valuable informations necessary for every type of clients.

Metatradex with its tutorials, news and analysis hopes to be a good partner for all type of traders from novice to professionals. At the moment, this group with two offices in Uk and one in Dubai have 24 hour  support for its clients.

Obviously the site and services of metatradex will improve daily and by the passage of time can get your thorough satisfaction. For achieving this goal please let us know your constructive opinions and proposals .

Metatradex Mission

We provide Cashback/Rebate on every trade you place at (FOREX) brokers. The spreads and trading conditions at the brokers we represent are never adversely affected by opening an account through us. Cashback/rebates are paid on a monthly basis and can amount to very substantial savings, always increasing a trader's bottom line and often even making the difference between profit and loss. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is available to assist with questions or problems most hours of the day via live chat and email.

how it works ?

We are paid a commission from the marketing budget of the brokerage firms we represent for each trade placed by a client we introduce to them, or who otherwise engages us as their 'referring broker'. We in turn keep only a portion of the commission and pass much of it onto our client. Our clients get the same spreads and conditions as if they had opened an account directly with the broker, the only difference is a client that goes through us gets a cash commission for every trade placed on their account. 

When we establish a relationship with a broker, they agree with us that they will not increase your spreads or costs because you have opened with us. They know if they did, you would simply sign up with one of their many competitors with whom we also have relationships.

In fact, because of our strength we often are able to negotiate tighter rates with your chosen provider.
You will receive exactly the same spreads, pricing, execution, and service from your provider that you are currently used to. The only difference is you get paid to trade!


How do I get started?

1.        Step 1 - Sign up metatardex account

2.      Step 2 - After creating your account, view our broker comparison table, find your broker, and click on the broker you either want to open a trading account with or already have an account with.

o    If you are opening a new account, follow the instructions on the broker page.

o    If you have an existing account, contact us to ensure that you can

3.      Step 3 - Give us your broker account information.

o    While logged in, click on Account Brokers and add the account

o    If you have any difficulty, just with live chat or email us and we'll be happy to create/update your broker account information

4.      Step 4 - Begin Trading 

5.       Step 5- Contact us and Request Reward