1) Important Metatardex Policies

Multiple Accounts: Clients may only register a singleMetatardex web account (not to be confused with broker accounts, you may add as many broker accounts as you like). If multiple Metatardex web accounts for the same user are discovered, all accounts beyond the first will be disabled.


Churning: Churning is frowned upon by most brokers. If you plan on trading with no purpose other than to generate a cashback/rebate, please contact us before proceeding, as our comissions may be voided by the broker and this will also void any cashback/rebate you may expect to receive.

Chargeback: Metatradex clients may have chargeback on their Forex broker accounts, We will close their ForexCashbackRebate accounts.

2) What is a Pip?

A pip is a standardized unit and it is usually the smallest amount by which a currency price changes. A pip is usually the forth decimal (0.0001) in the price of a currency pair. For pairs with the Japanese yen (JPY) a pip is calculated in the second decimal (0.01).

3)What is a Round Turn?

A Round Turn is one completed trade, a buy and sell, enter and exit, or the opening and closing of any position.

4) What is a Cashback/Rebate?

Forex rebates and forex cashback are synonyms, they are both the same thing. Every time you trade at one of our partner brokers, you will receive cash from Metatradex. This cash amount paid to you is what we call rebates or cashback.

5) Is your service free of charge?

Absolutely! All we do for you we do absolutely for FREE. On the contrary, we pay you for choosing our service.

6) How do I start getting paid for my Trades?

Sign up for a free account on this site.


.Choose a broker and click the link or icon, then follow the instructions on the next page.If You are opening a new account, follow the istructions on the broker page, and if you have an existing account , contact us to ensure that you can.

. After opening the account in the broker, you have to Sign in to your account and click at "Account Brokers " menu, then click New Button and filled out all fields. We will get your request with Pending status and after our review change your request to confirmed. After change your request you will receive a confirmation email . As referrers, your broker pays us a portion of the spread or commission they charge you each time you place a trade. This commission is taken from the firm marketing budget, so your spreads, costs, and service stay the same!

Begin actively trading the account, and wait for your Cashback/rebate payments to arrive!

After that at the start of the month contact us and request your rebate..

7) How can I see details of my Forex Cashback/Rebate?

When ever you want you can request your statement  and you  can see all details of your  Cashback/Rebate. on that statement.

8) How can I be sure I wont pay the broker more, or suffer a loss in service?

When we establish a relationship with a broker, they agree with us that they will not increase your spreads or costs because you have opened with us. They know if they did, you would simply sign up with one of their many competitors with whom we also have relationships.


In fact, because of our strength we often are able to negotiate tighter rates with your chosen provider.

You will receive exactly the same spreads, pricing, execution, and service from your provider that you are currently used to. The only difference is you get paid to trade!

9) Do my spreads increase if I open an account through you?

Never! Your spreads will be exactly the same as those offered on the broker's website, and will be the same as those you would pay if you had opened the account on the broker's website. The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive Cashback/rebate!

10) What if I lose, do I get a cashback/rebate?

Yes. You receive a cashback/rebate for every trade you make, win or lose. You receive a cashback/rebate as we pass on the payment received from your broker for introducing you via our scheme.

11) Can I open a demo account?

Yes of course. Again, there is no difference to the normal way you would consider and review a broker. In fact, we can help you make this process easier, and of course, you can open your demo directly through our site.

12) I am a profitable trader, why do I need a cashback/rebate?

You deserve a rebate. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, are an active or infrequent trader, you are eligible for a rebate if you open through us. Consider this as an additional profit, or “cushion” in your trading. You will be surprised at how quickly your income will build. An active trader would on average receive an additional 5% of equity on account every month. That’s an extra 5% profit for no extra effort!

13) Does it matter what Unit I trade?

Each broker has a different set of specifications and so you must look carefully at the details provided on the broker page here.
However, in most cases each product is treated the same. You get a cashback/rebate on all.

14) Does it matter what size my account I have? Can I be too small to qualify?

Every client, no matter how big or small, will receive rebates.